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Notice to bidders/notice of public hearing


2023 Street Restoration Project

City of Osage

SEH No. OSAGC 168973

Notice is hereby given that sealed Bids will be received by the City of Osage City Clerk until 2:00 p.m., on February 14, 2023, at City of Osage City Hall, at which time and place they will be publicly opened and read aloud, for the furnishing of all labor and material for the construction of the 2023 Street Restoration Project. Proposals received after the deadline for submission of bids as stated herein shall not be considered and shall be returned to the late bidder unopened.


Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Osage will conduct a public hearing on the plans, specifications, form of contract and estimate of cost for the construction of the 2023 Street Restoration Project at the regular City Council meeting on February 21, 2023, at 5:30 p.m., at City Hall, 806 Main Street, Osage, IowaAny interested person may appear and file objections to the proposed plans, specifications, form of contract or estimated cost.  After hearing objections, the City of Osage shall, by resolution, enter its decision on the plans and specifications.


On February 21, 2023, at 5:30 p.m., at City Hall, 806 Main Street, Osage, Iowa,the City Council of the City of Osage shall consider the construction bids received and either award a contract, reject all bids, or adjourn action thereon to a subsequent meeting of the City Council.


Major components of the Work include:





Traffic Control



Sawcut, Full Depth



Sawcut, Partial Depth



Removal of PCC Pavement or Driveway



Removal of Curb & Gutter



Removal of Sidewalk



PCC Pavement or Drive, Class C, 6"



BT-5 Bars



Curb & Gutter, PCC, Class C



Sidewalk, PCC, Class C, 6"



Pavement Scarification, ACC



Pavement Scarification, PCC



Cracking & Seating of PCC Pavement



Base, Cleaning & Preparation



Tack Coat Bitumen



Asphalt Binder, PG 64-22S



HMA ST Base, 1/2"



HMA ST Surface, 1/2"



HMA Leveling Mixture



Fixture Adjustment, Manhole



Fixture Adjustment, Valve Box



New Casting, Manhole



Topsoil, Furnish & Spread






Class A, Crushed Stone-Modified





The Work shall be constructed on multiple streets throughout the City of Osage, Mitchell County, Iowa.


Bids shall be on the form provided for that purpose and according to the Bidding Requirements prepared by Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH®).


Electronic and paper copies of the Bidding Documents may be obtained from the Issuing Office of SEH located at:


Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc.

215 North Adams

Mason City, Iowa 50401



Complete digital image (.pdf) copies of the Bidding Documents, Contract Documents, and Plans and Specifications are available for download at no cost at These documents may be viewed or downloaded by entering eBidDocTM Number 8365794 on the QuestCDN Search Projects page. For assistance and free membership registration, contact QuestCDN at 952.233.1632 or  Website registration is necessary to ensure that prospective bidders remain informed of addendum and other essential communications prior to the bid date.

A refundable deposit of $100.00 will be required for paper copies of the Plans and Project Manual. In order to receive a refund, both Plans and Project Manual must be returned in complete and re-useable condition. In addition, they must be returned in said condition within fourteen days after award of the project. Failure to comply with either requirements will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

Work under the proposed contract shall be completed within the following time requirements:


The work under the proposed contract for the 2023 Street Restoration Project, Osage, Iowa shall be commenced in sufficient time after the award of contract to permit completion by the substantial completion date.  The work will be substantially completed on or before the dates noted below and completed and ready for final payment in accordance with Paragraph 15.06 of the General Conditions on or before the dates noted below:

2023 Street RestorationProject                          Substantial Completion              September 22, 2023

                                                                        Final Completion                       October 6, 2023


Substantial completion is defined as follows:  All work is complete except for finish grading of turf restoration areas, seeding and minor clean up.


The contract times noted are subject to any extension which may be granted by the City Council of Osage, Iowa.


Each bid must be made out on a Bid Form furnished in the Project Manual and obtained from SEH or on a computerized Bid Form furnished by the bidder. Bid Forms furnished by the bidder shall replicate the Bid Form furnished in the Project Documents Manual. Each bid shall be sealed in an envelope marked “Bid for the 2023 Street Restoration Project”. Each bid must be accompanied in a separate envelope by a bidding check or bid bond in an amount equal to five percent (5%) percent of the bid price, said check being either a certified or cashier's check, drawn on a bank in Iowa, or a bank chartered under the laws of the United States, or a Certified share draft drawn on a credit union in Iowa or chartered under the laws of the United States, and made payable to the City of Osage, Iowa, as security that the bidder will furnish the required bonds and enter into a contract within ten (10) working days, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, after the award of the contract to him.


Bidders shall not be permitted to withdraw their bids for a period of thirty (30) days after the same are opened.


By virtue of statutory authority, a preference will be given to products and provisions grown and coal produced within the State of Iowa and to Iowa domestic labor.


Pursuant to Chapter 73 of the Code of Iowa, out-of-state bidders are hereby advised of the Iowa Bidding Preference Law extending to Iowa firms any preference which may be (a) strict preference, (b) reciprocal preference, or (c) combination preference and reciprocal. Application of such preference will be extended from any "public improvement" as defined in Chapter 73A of the Code of Iowa.


Bidders shall be expected to comply with Chapters 91C and 103A of the Code of Iowa concerning the registration and bonding of construction contractors and the successful bidder shall be required to supply the City of Osage with proof of said compliance.


Payment for said “2023 Street Restoration Project,” will be made from the General Funds of the City of Osage, or from such other funds as may be legally used for such purposes. Monthly estimates will be submitted to the ENGINEER and payment will be made to the CONTRACTOR in the amount of ninety-five percent (95%) of said estimate on or about the twentieth of the following month. Final payment will be made not sooner than thirty (30) days following final acceptance of the work by the City of Osage.


The bidder's attention is called to the prompt payment to the subcontractors under Section 573.12 of the Code of Iowa.


Plans and specifications governing the construction of the proposed improvements have been prepared by SEH, 215 North Adams, Mason City, Iowa, which plans and specifications, and also prior proceedings of the Osage, Iowa, City Council referring to and defining said proposed improvements, are hereby made a part of this notice and the proposed contract by reference, and the proposed contract shall be executed in compliance therewith.


Copies of said plans and specifications are now on file in the office of the City Clerk, for examination by bidders.


The City encourages bids from qualified minority and female contractors.


All bids shall NOT include Iowa Sales Tax for materials used in the project. Upon award, the successful bidder shall immediately provide a listing of subcontractors and associated Federal ID or Social Security Numbers for both the contractor and subcontractors. The City will register the contractor and subcontractors with the Iowa Department of Revenue and will provide appropriate certificates to the contractor for distribution and use.


The City of Osage, Iowa reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive technicalities and irregularities.


Bids shall be directed to the City Clerk, securely sealed and endorsed upon the outside wrapper, “BID FOR THE 2023 STREET RESTORATION PROJECT.” The City of Osage reserves the right to reject any and all Bids, to waive irregularities and informalities therein and to award the Contract in the best interests of the City of Osage.

Cathy Penney

City Clerk

806 Main Street, PO Box 29

Osage, IA 50461