RECYCLING: Containers can be plastic storage-type containers. Please mark this container if you want it for re-use. Recycling is done every other week on the same day as your garage service. Please call City Hall (641-732-3709) for updated schedule. The list of Acceptable Recyclable Material includes

1. Have newspapers and inserts collapsed. Have magazines and catalogs bound with string or placed in paper or plastic bag.

2. Corrugated cardboard is to be collapsed, clean, bundled and placed in its own tote.

3. Only clear glass containers can be recycled. 

4. All tin and aluminum cans should rinsed clean with labels removed. 

5. Number 1 and Number 7 plastic containers must have labels, caps and rings removed and be placed in a bin. (It’s okay to collapse larger jugs.)

6. Colored glass, ceramics, Pyrex, clay pots, crystal light bulbs, drinking glasses, windows, mirrors or aerosol cans cannot be recycled.

7. Glass not be broken and placed either in recyclables or in regular garbage bags, which insures the safety of the workers.

Holt Services officials said they appreciate the cooperation of Osage residents in their recycling program.

For further information on recycling, call Holt Services at 641-425-7644.