Harry Cook Nature Trail

In 1988, an idea was conceived to construct a trail for hiking, biking, and cross-country ski use between the Osage City limits and Spring Park.  A grant was applied for from a new fund set up by the Iowa Department of Transportation called the Recreation Trails Fund.  Early in 1989, the City of Osage was awarded the first ever DOT Recreation Trails Grant.  Construction was started later that spring.  Harry Cook was a long-time member of the Park Board and had recently passed away.  It seemed only fitting to name the new trail after him.  The two-mile stretch was completed and ribbon cutting was held in July of 1990.  Ironically, the river was flooding that day and no one could even walk the trail  A short trail also goes west of out Spring Park and loops around back to Spring Park road.  This, with a biking, hiking trail through Spring Park connecting the two, makes a total of 4 miles of trail.