Davidson Park and JC Field & Park

In 1975, land was donated by Ed Davidson for a park area.  This land, totalling 8 acres, is located south of the high school, just east of 7th Street, and Heritage Drive divides its east and west sides.  In 1976, a portion was leased to the Osage High School to construct four tennis courts to be maintained by the school but usable by the public.  In 1977 the Park Board allowed the Osage Jaycee's to build a softball field on a portion of Davidson Park, which is now owned and maintained by the Park Department.  2007 brought an addition to Davidson Park in the form of a skate park, with funds largely collected by skaters and their parents.  In 2012, a frisbee golf course was designed and installed, giving park enthusiasts another form of recreation.

Amenities includes:
     Skate Park
     Frisbee Golf Course
     Small Shelter
     Softball Diamond
     Restrooms/Concessions (open during activities)
     Small Playground