Burnham Park

Burnham Park was originally constructed in 1977.  Ralph "Peck" and Ruth Burnham donated money to be used for the children of Osage.  The park is located on a corner of 10th and Ash where previously was located a City water well and wellhouse.  The tennis court was installed in 1977 on land the City already owned.  The play equipment was updated and basketball standards were added to each end of the tennis courts, thanks in part to grants and donations in 2012.  Donors for the 2012 updates include:  Worth County Development Authority, Matthew Biederman (Troop 1062) Eagle Scout Project, Kobet Realtors, Osage Kiwanis Club, Al and Ina Christiansen Charitable Trust.  In 2013, a shelter was built on the site, thanks to donations from Sklyar Buss (Troop 1062) Eagle Scout Project, Kolbet Realtors, Osage Kiwanis Club, and Osage Rotary Club. 

Amenities Include:
     Tennis Court (with the option of basketball, with the addition of basketball  standards)
     Playground Equipment
     Shelter House