City Park

In 1938, City Park was established on Chestnut Street.  The land was purchased to be used as a park.  In 1941 a portion was used to build the Municipal Utilities building.  The east 1/3 of the property was leased to the Osage School District for the athletic field that is still the football field and track. 

In 1947, the public petitioned the City Council to build a swimming pool.  A public vote soon followed and a pool committee was appointed to proceed.  The pool was opened in June of 1951.  The cost of the project was $100,000.  The cost of daily admission wasIn 1950-51, the swimming pool was constructed next to the football field.  In 1962, tennis courts were built at the current location by the City Park Commission, with donations from several organizations.  A new restroom building was constructed incorporating a shop/storage area and a small stage on the south, Built in 1999, the stage has been used on many occasions. 

In 2007, the outdoor pool was taken out to make room for a new complex. In 2010, a section in the southern area of the park was used to build the Cedar River Complex.  The CRC includes an indoor pool, wellness center, historical museum, and 600-seat auditorium. Also in 2010, all new play equipment was installed.